2013 Exhibitions

Nicola Ginzel: Language, Symbol, Artifact
January 20 – March 8

Nicola Ginzel is a contemporary artist with her esthetic sense reflecting echoes of primitive, medieval and modern art. She takes the ephemera of daily life- common items we have discarded or disregard- and turns them into talismans of memory, artifacts of culture and remnants of language. On one level among many, her work is a meditation on consciousness or an exhortation of mindfulness, a concept from Zen Buddhism. On another, it is continuous prying at the intuitive underpinnings of rational systems. Nonetheless, these transformations of mundane ephemera remind us to hold each bit of infinity precious. A found object made of paper is embroidered in such a way that the identity of the object disappears and becomes something entirely different- is just one example of her process. With meticulous craftsmanship, she creates work that is in all regards provocative, enigmatic and inspiring.

John Petrey: Captivating Armor
March 24 – May 10

Since 1981, Petrey has been creating art that stirs the emotions of the viewer. As he has grown as an artist, his work has become more of an expression of his soul. Images in nature, art and new technology are his influencers. He especially intrigued by the moments in life that catch his eye, random ideas that erupt in his mind, and words people say that just hang in the air.
Petrey states, "Imagination is the most powerful tool humans possess."

Elayne Goodman: Art as Life

May 28 – July 12

The genesis of Goodman’s art style comes from her childhood in rural Mississippi. In the depression era she had limited materials and time for creativity. She wastes neither.

Her work is characterized by exceptionally high content and color. Each piece is one-of-a-kind. Some has recurring motifs such as Elvis, Bible stories, and Fish. She selects used materials and attempt to give them new life by forcing the viewer to see them in a new context. Other than paint, glue, screws, etc. all materials are recycled.

Helen Keller Art Show of Alabama

June 2 – June 30

The Helen Keller Art Show of Alabama is a juried exhibition of works by Alabama children who are visually impaired, blind or deaf-blind. Open to students in Alabama’s public, private and residential schools, this annual exhibition tours the state museums and agency galleries from February through June. The Helen Keller Art Show was established in 1983 as a cooperative project of the University of Alabama Birmingham Vision Science Research Center, UAB Education and Outreach Module, UAB School of Optometry and the UAB School of Education all serving children with visual impairments.


July 21 – September 13

ArtWorks is an exhibition of work by artist members of The Tennessee Valley Art Association.

Susan Weil & Jose Betancourt: Blueprints

September 29 – November 15

As artists, they work in their respective mediums; however, they have been brought together through their shared appreciation of a unique photographic process that is deeply meaningful. For the past ten years, they have produced a body of work utilizing the cyanotype process and are continuing to make new blueprint pieces together.

Susan Weil began experimenting with cyanotypes when she was a child living on a small island in the Long Island Sound. In 1950, Susan introduced the medium to Robert Rauschenberg, and together they made life-size blueprints that were hung in the display windows of the Bonwit Teller department store, featured in Life magazine in 1951 and included in the exhibition Abstraction in Photography at The Museum of Modern Art. Susan has continued to use blueprints in a myriad of forms and her work has been exhibited around the world. Jose has been exhibiting his work for 15 years, has an MFA in photography from Hunter College and is now a professor of photography at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Trees of Christmas

December 6 – December 24
The Trees of Christmas features 12' live spruce and fir trees decorated in a variety of themes by Shoals area community members.

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